360° Approach

From design to stand-alone management, including construction, installation and maintenance, a complete team of experts and specialised technicians is available to offer a 360° service.

And in practice?

Each case is different. To offer the solution that is best suited to your needs, to take regulatory requirements and technical constraints specific to your business into account, we look at all the parameters to be taken into account together with you, in order to design the optimal solution.

At the implementation and installation phase, you can count on real expertise in all our fields of activity - energy solutions, HVAC, industrial pipework, building automation and electrical equipment - which can be combined for a complete solution.

At the usage phase, take advantage of our building automation and on-site maintenance service to reap all the benefits of your installation.

We can offer financial solutions to optimise your consumption and minimise the investment needed.

The benefits?

Optimise performance: from design through to maintenance, each stage enables you to improve the profitability of your investment. You increase your return on investment.

Simplifying the process: you have a single partner to fulfil your requirements. You save time.

Ensuring greater consistency: the system is designed, manufactured, installed and managed globally. You have our assurance that every parameter will have been taken into account.