Electrical equipment

VENTFIELD's electrical workshop offers design, drawings, production and implementation for all your electrical equipment.
Electricity switchboards of any power can be installed on our equipment, such as skids and heating units, or on third-party systems. .

We can perform the entire electrical installation from A to Z for any site at all from the low- voltage switchboard to the last lighting point.

Our strong point: we have a special workshop for electricity, capable of designing, drawing (in 2D or 3D), constructing, installing and inter-connecting any equipment.

Our great asset: we can provide a complete solution for every other aspect we handle (pipework, HVAC, renewable energy). In all cases, we supply the appropriate switchboard, made entirely at our own workshop and fully operational immediately, with the boiler, ventilation unit, heat pump, cooling skid, etc.

In addition, the skids we manufacture have their own electricity cupboard, designed and manufactured at our workshop. The electricity cupboard is cabled and connected - just plug it in and the skid is up-and-running.

Lastly, we develop building automation for the service industries, and have fitted our new offices out with this efficient technology which has now become affordable.

Our realisations
Our realisations COUCOU

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