Energy solutions

Geothermal or aerothermal heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps (combining geothermal and aerothermal) or heat pumps coupled with a cogeneration system: we have multiple energy solutions to match each individual situation.

Our speciality: hybrid systems, a unique approach for optimal use of resources. Thanks to their high standard of performance, our systems offer a very attractive alternative to traditional boilers.

Our approach: to examine your request and your requirements as a whole. Every parameter is taken into account to offer you the most cost-effective solution and ensure the best possible return on investment.

The option adopted (geothermal, aerothermal, hybrid or coupled with a cogenerator) will depend on:

  • the desired outcome (production of heat or cooling, domestic hot water, etc.),
  • the existing situation (surface area to be covered, equipment already installed...),
  • the best balance between the investment made and the expected reduction in your energy costs.

For geothermal, we have formed a partnership with Geo-Green, who specialise in geothermal drilling.

A solution for every use

The geothermal and aerothermal heat pumps we install are suitable for any temperature up to 75°C. They are reversible and can produce warm and cold water at the same time as well as domestic water.

Hybrid systems combine all the benefits of geothermal and aerothermal. In a sense, this innovative combination offers the best of both worlds and ensures optimal resource use. Consequently, this option can be highly cost-efficient.

Heat pumps associated with a cogeneration system form a winning combination for mixed uses (hot and cold water, at high and low temperatures). Particularly relevant if you have high consumption, they offer the ideal solution, for example for industrial and office buildings. In addition, the cogeneration system further increases your energy self-sufficiency: the cogenerator takes over in the event of a power cut (safety) and the electricity produced can be used for your own requirements or fed back into the distribution network (cost saving).

Quality, reliability, performance: undeniable pluses

Our energy solutions are designed and manufactured to offer you multiple benefits.

  • Quality material: all our heat pumps are manufactured using innovative and high- quality materials.
  • Reliability: the material is tested in extreme conditions.
  • Superior performance: our solutions ensure optimal use of resources.
  • Ease of use: maximum reduction of decibels for very quiet use, hot and cold controls to ensure a constant temperature throughout the year.
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