Industrial pipework

Industrial piping or skids: VENTFIELD can fulfil all your requirements for cooling and heating or conveying fluids.

Industrial pipework

All our industrial pipework can be produced directly on-site or prepared off-site. Preparation off-site offers considerable time savings on installation when the systems are complex.

Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, HDPE… the most suitable materials are used to convey any liquid or gaseous fluids (acids, air, water, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.). The pipes installed can also be made to suit the food industry. In particular, a few years ago, VENTFIELD made all the stainless-steel pipework for the production hall at CocaCola’s Chaudfontaine plant.

VENTFIELD also produces metal construction work (production of walkways, stairways, ramps, etc.), for on-site maintenance or repair operations.


Design and manufacture of skids

Made up of several assembled components – pumps, tanks, flow meters, sensors, valves, filters, etc.- our skids are free-standing equipment mounted on a chassis, carried out off-site and delivered directly on-site.

Suitable for numerous production or control processes in various types of activity, skids can be made of metal, steel or stainless steel, or in plastic, HDPE or PVC, for example.

Design and manufacture of skids

From conception to installation: a complete system for various uses

After a detailed analysis of the customer's requirements, VENTFIELD's project office will design a tailor-made skid. 3D drawings can be made to refine the specifications required and facilitate assembly of the various components, performed by highly-qualified staff.

Each skid is designed and developed to fulfil a specific requirement:

  • Pumping skids create the flow of fluid. Other components, such as heat-exchangers or flow meters, can be added to the system.
  • Cooling/ heating skids  heat or cool through two pipe systems and a heat-exchanger. This type of skid can be used to cool power electronics, bearings on rotating machines (machine tools, turbines, etc.), rolling lubricant... or to heat fluids and machines.
  • Control / analysis skids control varuous parameters using instruments, for example pH , flow, temperature, or density measurement. These skids can also be used for chromatographic applications.
  • Filtration / purification skids are composed of various filters or treatment stages to filter and purify a fluid. For example solvent degreasing or filtration of solid particles.
  • Mixing skids blend various fluids, liquid or gaseous, to get the desired composition, for example a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen for the steel industry.

Stainless-steel manufacture for treatment plants

Several years ago, VENTFIELD went into a partnership with KAMPS who specialise in treatment and purification of water and waste water.

For example, about 12 years ago KAMPS designed the entire membrane system for the Schilde treatment plant near Antwerp, and VENTFIELD constructed all 64 stainless steel frames to house the membranes. Following replacement of these membranes, which had exhausted their useful life, VENTFIELD recently manufactured new frames and installed them.

KAMPS and VENTFIELD also recently developed a modular treatment plant, comprising one or more stainless-steel containers, with standard universal dimensions, which contain all the required equipment. This treatment plant is very easy to install, of the "plug & play" type, which should enjoy great success, both in Belgium and abroad, by virtue of its compactness and great ease of transport.

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