The company

Notre vision

Our vision

Faced with environmental challenges, budgetary constraints and regulatory changes, VENTFIELD seeks to offer solutions that give extra convenience by combining good performance, cost savings and respect for the environment.

  • Improving convenience and energy-efficiency
    VENTFIELD's holistic approach gives you an assurance of an optimal use of resources to improve energy-efficiency. The technologies used give you greater self-sufficiency in energy.
  • Lower costs
    Fossil fuels will become scarce, and cost more and more, over the coming decades. Systems focused on renewable energies developed by VENTFIELD represent considerable medium- and long-term savings for both the manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Respecting the environment
    Europe is committed to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 20% between now and 2020. By relying on its expertise and cutting-edge technology, VENTFIELD provides innovative solutions for greater respect for the environment.



Our strategy

To strengthen our core business and innovate by capitalising on experienced staff and on 30 years’ experience in the industrial domain, to:

  • provide new energy solutions,
  • remain at the forefront of knowledge, technology and innovation.
  • continually offer the best solution depending on the existing constraints,
  • offer best possible value for money in all circumstances.


Our history

The story of VENTFIELD Industries began in 1976 with the incorporation of a limited-liability company, Ferrara. Its founder, Oreste Ferrara, specialises in industrial electricity. A warehouse of about 60 m² became the head office of the newly-created company. In the space of a few years, its operations would grow, to extend to the industrial pipework and HVAC systems sectors.

Its development was successfully continued by Luigi Ferrara, Oreste's son, and Bernard Demoustier, who joined the company in 1988.

That same year, the company erected its first industrial building, Rue de Nazareth in Battice. A second building would be built in 1995, followed by a third in 2002, a year that would also see the founding of Ventfield Industries Ltd.

Today, the company conducts its business at all three buildings and office space which together cover a surface area of 2,680 m². These building are themselves set up on 5,000 m² of land.

The new shareholders who have taken over the helm can always count on Luigi Ferrara and Bernard Demoustier's dynamism and great expertise and on all the staff, who have remained with the company, and give these new shareholders confidence. True to the entrepreneurial spirit that has characterised the company ever since its creation, the new directors are committed to offering innovative and effective systems by continuing to rely on the know-how developed by all the staff over the years.